Design and construction of the DAFF upgrade of Cobram Water Treatment Plant No. 2 with the fit-out of the Dissolved Air Flotation Filtration Trains No.3 and No.4, requiring:

  • Retrofitting Filter to Waste to all four filters,
  • D&C of turbidity metering on DAF cell outlets
  • Upgrade of existing chemical systems: Lime and PAC
  • Cross-connection of the two raw water inlet pipelines
  • Cross-connect the two inlet raw water pipelines
  • Modify two flocculation tank inlets and adjust equal flow splitting weirs across all four inlets
  • Flocculation mixers and remote mounted VSDs for two trains of two-stage flocculation tanks
  • Two filters including reinforced concrete dwarf walls, reinforced concrete filter plenum floors and filter nozzles, filter media, 316 SS backwash launders and backwash channel, instrumentation, and actuated control valves.
  • All Filter pipework for the two filter trains including filtered water outlet and connection to the manifold;
  • Upgrade of DAF recirculation pumps, motors, VSDs, pipework, and valves to provide 15% recirculation flow to all four DAF dispersion manifolds
  • Duplicate the existing DAF recirculation pipework, saturator; control valves, dispersion pipework, and valves to DAFF Trains No.3 and No.4, isolation valves, and dispersion manifolds
  • Float cutting spray ring main upgrade
  • Access, walkways decking, and handrails over the DAFF tanks and safe access gates through handrails into each filter.
  • Retrofitting of Filter to Waste to the four filters Pipelines
  • Upgrade existing lime and PAC chemical dosing systems as follows:
  • Electrical instrumentation and control systems
  • Integration of operation of new upgraded DAFF trains with the untouched trains.

Value $1.6M