LC Water is a process engineering firm specialising in the bespoke design and construction of water and wastewater treatment facilities in Australia and the subcontinent.

Key Services

LC Water offers services in 3 key areas:

1) Design and construction of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants across a range of disciplines. Including Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) & Filtration (DAFF), Activated Sludge and Anaerobic Digestion Systems, Biogas Management, Membrane and Reverse Osmosis treatment, and traditional coagulation/flocculation and clarification systems. Within this scope LC Water also routinely custom designs and fabricates many other items of process equipment such as decanters, thickeners, and lamella clarifiers.

2) Custom design and fabrication of chemical dosing systems to deliver all water treatment chemistries, such as: powdered activated carbon (PAC), coagulants, polyelectrolytes, pH correction additives, all disinfectants, and fluoridation chemistries.

3) Provision of water and wastewater treatment consulting services.


Potable Water Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants

Ion Exchange: Zeolite Softening, Demineralisation Systems

Membrane Systems: Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Iron and Manganese Removal Systems

Alkalinity Removal and Water Stabilisation Systems (LSI and CCPP correction for scaling and corrosion control)

Portable and Static PAC dosing systems

All Chemical Dosing Systems: coagulants, polyectrolytes, soda ash, lime, caustic, acid, fluosilic acid, sodium fluoride, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, ozonation.

Decanters and Clarification Equipment

DAF and DAFF Systems

Process water cooling and heat exchange systems

Biogas handling and storage facilities

Tertiary Filtration Systems – mixed media, disc filtration, calcite, granular activated carbon, biologically activated filtration

UV Disinfection Systems

Sand Filter Refurbishments



LC Water was founded by Laurie Curran in 2001 and is a diverse team of civil, chemical and mechanical engineers, chemists, project managers, draftspeople, and construction professionals passionate about making dirty water clean.

We operate from our main office in North Geelong, Victoria, and our office in Karachi, Pakistan. We also have a workshop in North Geelong where much of our process equipment is fabricated.

Well known throughout Australia for our expertise in the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Filtration (DAFF) processes, the company’s engineering range extends across a broad range of technologies including various potable and wastewater treatment technologies, water stability treatment, reverse osmosis, activated sludge systems, and all the various sub-technologies that support those processes.

We employ a number of engineers across the chemical and mechanical engineering disciplines and carry out all design work in those disciplines in-house, with electrical and civil design work executed by local companies with whom we have had long associations.

In addition to the process expertise held by the company, we have developed extensive contracting experience, working routinely under AS4910, AS4902 and GC21 contractual arrangements, among others.

The safety and quality of our work is maintained by adherence to our OH&S, Quality Assurance and Environmental Management systems which govern the day to day on-site delivery of all works in which we engage. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is third-party accredited annually to the Civil Contractors Federation and NSW Government Work Health & Safety Management Guidelines (Edition 6) standards.

Our design and project delivery capabilities are augmented by a strong commissioning team that operates under a well-developed ITP and checklist system to ensure safe and comprehensive commissioning activities are followed on each project.

Our team works to honour our values of process engineering expertise, flexibility, collaboration, and respect to bring cost-competitive solutions to our clients, with whom we thrive on working closely in a highly collaborative manner that values mutual respect and fairness. On this note, we cite as one of our key differentiating strengths our non-adversarial approach to contract management. This approach enables an open and cooperative relationship with our clients and subcontractors and is crucial to streamlining the delivery of all our projects.

We aim to grow our business and uphold our reputation as a quality provider of water treatment solutions to councils, water authorities, and industries seeking to bring clean water to the communities they serve and the environment we must all protect.