The Brogo WTP is a 3.5 MLD plant designed and constructed to treat moderate turbidity and colour contaminated water drawn from Brogo River, with historical water quality median figures of 0.5 NTU; 30 TC HU; 4.2 mg/L DOC. The project delivered:

  • 3.5MLD bespoke designed Dissolved Air Flotation and Filtration (DAFF) Plant constructed of concrete cells.
  • pH correction, coagulation and flocculation (including ACH and poly dosing), disinfection (UV + Gaseous Chlorine), fluoride dosing.
  • Sludge Thickening, Sludge drying beds, Clear Water Storage.
  • Innovations included:
    • Chemical bunds sunken with grating at ground level for access without need for an stairs;
    • Flexible dosing line within conduits;
    • Optimised roof design and tank designs for solar installation.
  • Challenges included:
    • Overhead powerline running through the middle of the site initially created a lot of design constraints. It was decided early to proceed with powerline relocation approvals and design the plant while these approvals were being completed. This allowed better use of the area available and to remove an overhead hazard. Starting the approvals early meant that construction was able to commence and the relocation able to happen in the early stages with minimal impact on the construction program.
    • Undersized transformer, which demanded working through approvals to upgrade, which were time consuming.
  • Added Value included:
    • Relocating power lines meant the building could be used to shield concrete tanks from view from the road, meaning these tanks did not need to be painted for aesthetic reasons, which was a saving for the client.
    • Optimised solar installation.

Value: $8.4M