The works completed under this project included all design, supply, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning of associated works to construct the new WtE system at Melton RWP including:

  • One (1) waste receiving station with hot water wash water system
  • One (1) screenings bin
  • Transfer pump to waste storage tanks
  • Repurpose existing 2 x 16 m3 tanks into waste storage tanks complete with insulation and mixing
  • Use existing sludge recirculation pumps to transfer warm sludge from the Digester 2 to the waste storage tanks using existing scum pipeline
  • Transfer pump(s) to the anaerobic digestion facilities using existing scum pipeline via digester mixing system
  • Repurpose existing odour control for waste receiving station and both waste storage tanks
  • Reuse existing electrical switchboard
  • Hot water flushing for waste receiving facility
  • Provide additional pipeline connecting organic waste transfer pump station to the existing scum pipeline near primary sedimentation tanks 1
  • Provide sufficient rodding points and drain points to clean the pipework
  • PLC and SCADA programming for automation of receival system and of the mixing, storage and transfer of warm sludge to the waste storage tanks and waste to the Digester 2
  • Bunded equipment area complete with a sump and drain system the ability to drain to the existing site drainage system and to the existing filtrate pump station.

Value: $1.1M