The Laanecoorie WTP has a nominal capacity of 3.8 ML/d and treats water from the Loddon River for supply of drinking water to the towns of Laanecoorie, Dunolly, Tarnagulla and
surrounding areas.

The upgrade works under this contract were brought about to address a series of issues in relation to the condition and performance of the WTP and enabled the plant to
meet the new proposed Health-Based Targets that were incorporated into the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The broad scope of this upgrade included:

  • New powdered activated carbon (PAC) contact tank including mixer, instruments, and walkway and modifications to clarifier inlet pipework to accommodate new PAC tank.
  • New streaming current meter for dosed raw water.
  • Filter media replacement:
    • Including replacement of filter underdrains and air scour pipework.
    • Filter washwater launder and outlet modifications
  • Filter modifications:
    • Instrumentation and pipework changes to enable fixed level flow split operation.
    • Filter to waste pipework and valves.
  • New UV disinfection plant housed in a new building.
  • New chlorine contact tank including internal baffles.
    • Relocation of chlorine and ammonia dose locations
  • New treated water re-lift pumps.
  • Replacement of filter backwash pump.
  • Replacement of filter air scour blower.
  • Removal of existing washwater tank, including
    • Improvements to sludge lagoon,
    • Replacement of supernatant return pump
  • Electrical installation of all new equipment.
  • Integration of all new equipment into existing plant PLC and SCADA.
  • Testing and commissioning of the completed works.

Value $1.2M