The Lance Creek WTP treats water from the Lance Creek Reservoir, to supply drinking water to Wonthaggi, Cape Patterson, Inverloch, Korumburra, Poowong and Loch. The existing Lance Creek WTP can operate at a capacity of approximately 20.7ML/d, and is supplemented by the DP5 pipeline, which brings water from Cardinia Reservoir in Melbourne or the Victorian Desalination Plant into the Lance Creek CWS, where the two supplies are disinfected and blended to produce a consistent water quality to customers.

The water quality in Lance Creek Reservoir can deteriorate significantly due to algal blooms, reservoir draw down and turn over issues. The Lance Creek Reservoir raw water also has significant concentrations of organics, soluble manganese which, if not adequately controlled, can contribute to water quality non-compliance and customer complaints.

The water quality control measures at Lance Creek WTP are pre-treatment with powdered activated carbon (PAC) and potassium permanganate dosing, and pH correction dosing with caustic soda/hydrochloric acid as required to achieve stable alum coagulation and flocculation conditions for the DAFF process.

The Lance Creek PAC Dosing Upgrade project was developed to eliminate the OHS issues experienced and to improve the effectiveness of pre-treatment dosing generally.

The upgrade works provided:

  • PAC dosing system package and building
  • Materials handling and storage equipment
  • Batching tank and mixer
  • Dosing tank and mixer
  • New dosing line and injection point

Value: $1.4M