The Marysville Water Treatment Plant is a 2ML/d Membrane Filtration Water Treatment Plant that treats water for supply to the Marysville township in Victoria.

Laurie Curran Water was the principal contractor for this project, which incorporated pH correction dosing systems, coagulation, and flocculation (including ACH dosing) disinfection, and membrane filtration (ultrafiltration) into the design to ensure the treated water meets the requirements of the Australian Water Drinking Guidelines (ADWG).

The site presented two key challenges which needed to be addressed. Given that this region was especially prone to bushfires, the building and tank structures needed to be built to withstand such an event. Secondly, as the location for the plant was near the shoulder of the existing raw water storage lagoon, a geotechnical investigation revealed the location had not been sufficiently compacted. This discovery led to the inclusion of screw piling to ensure the integrity of the building and tank foundations.

Value: $4.3 M