The scope of this contract comprised the detailed design, supply, construction/Installation, testing and commissioning of a DAFF (Dissolved Air Floatation and Filtration) unit at the Eildon Waste Management Facility to replace the existing DAF (Dissolved Air Floatation) unit including all associated works as shown on the functional design drawings and described in the report and specification. The existing DAF unit was  decommissioned and the redundant works removed as part of this contract.

One particular challenge overcome on this project pertained to the geotechnical conditions on which the plant was to be situated. Boring analysis indicated that the earth was particularly wet and not fit to support the slab foundations. Screw piling was thus implemented into the slab’s design to provide the necessary foundational integrity.

An overview of the scope is as follows:

  • Supply new DAFF unit along with flocculation tank, static mixers and various other ancillary equipment described elsewhere.
  • Site new DAFF unit on a concrete slab and house it under a metal carport with 1m skirting. Only steps / Stairs are acceptable on DAFF Unit. Ladders will not be acceptable. Skirting and gutter requirements as per the Building code of Australia. Lighting for the DAFF unit to be mounted on Walls for easy access and maintenance.
  • The DAFF package shall include a standalone PLC based control system to enable the filters, pipework and valves to be assembled, factory tested and delivered as a working and functional unit. DAFF unit with a glass viewing panel will be preferable.
  • DAFF package to include Recycle pumps, Air Blowers, Air compressors along with all piping and valves.
  • The DAFF system also includes Backwash Pumps along with pipework and valves.
  • Provide new cabling from existing switchboard to DAFF switchboard.
  • Upgrade existing switchboard in control building as described in technical specifications
  • Decommissioning and demolition of existing flocculation tank, DAF unit, back wash pumps and all other redundant units and associated pipework and cabling.


Value: $1.1M