Heathcote WTP has a nominal inflow capacity of 5.5 ML/d and treats water from the Lake Eppalock or Caledonia Reservoir for the supply of drinking water to the towns of Heathcote and Tooboorac.

The Heathcote WTP Upgrade works under this contract addressed a series of issues in relation to performance including:

  • Disinfection upgrades to meet the new proposed Health-Based Targets to be incorporated in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines including:
    • Power Supply and Main Switchboard Upgrade
    • Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection.
  • Modifications to the existing plant to achieve free chlorine contact time.
  • New powdered activated carbon (PAC) system to remove taste and odour compounds¬†from the water
  • New wash water handling system to treat wash water and recover supernatant onsite, requiring geobags and laydown areas, thickeners, supernatant handling, and polymer dosing equipment.
  • All testing and commissioning, O&M Manuals, WAE Drawings and Operator Training

For a Coliban Water commentary of the Heathcote WTP Upgrade Works during the process, please check out their Facebook post here.

Value: $3.4M