This fluoride dosing upgrade project was initiated to upgrade aging infrastructure at the Colac WTP, which had reached its design life and was becoming unsafe to use.

The project delivered:

  • Simplification of the dosing system by removal of redundant valves, flush points and instrumentation
  • Provision of two dosing panels to provide duty/standby capability. Each panel was provided with;
    • Dosing pumps
    • Pressure indicators
    • Pulsation dampeners
    • Pressure transmitters
    • FSA flow meters
    • Pressure sustaining valves
    • Reduction of dosing pipeline diameter where appropriate to minimise the volume of chemical in the system during maintenance activities (e.g. flushing pipes)
  • Addition to each FSA day tank of an ultrasonic level transmitter (already implemented at Colac WTP at the time of this review)

Value: $175K