Design and Construction of Filter Renewals and Associated Works at Warrnambool Water Treatment Plant

The Warrnambool WTP Filter Refurbishment Project was a particularly challenging project to execute as strict adherence to schedule was required to ensure the WTP would be ready to ensure water security for the holiday season. On top of this requirement were the COVID working restrictions imposed upon us when COVID came into our world in 2020. A COVID Management Plan was created in line with government health advice and the work was able to continue and be completed, despite lockdowns, and slow downs, with confined space entry work often restricted, and worker proximity needing to be carefully managed. To the credit of the team no employee contracted COVID during their time on site, and security of supply to the city of Warrnambool was never compromised.

The project delivered:

  • Refurbishment of All Four filter cells staged in separable portions
  • Removal of filter media and launders,
  • Removal of filter floor including cast-in filter nozzles and laterals,
  • Sandblasting and repair of all internal filter surfaces,
  • Epoxy coating of filter internal surfaces,
  • Supply and installation of new laterals and filter nozzles,
  • Supply and installation of new filter media,
  • Reinstall and level launders.
  • Testing and commissioning
  • As-constructed drawings
  • Defects liability


Value: $1.1M