Lilydale STP Sand Filter Refurbishment

In April 2018, filter cell 1 was rendered inoperable by a rupture of the floor structure, likely due to a build-up of pressure caused by blockages in the pipework lattice and underfloor structure. Filter cells 2, 3 and 4 were also displaying symptoms of similar blockage.

With high pressure and high-level alarms becoming more frequent, and significant amounts of backwash flow being diverted through the pressure relief pipework, the cells were in urgent need of refurbishment.
LC Water and G&M Plumbing completed these works to schedule within six weeks of contract award.

  • tightening/replacement of filter trough fittings to ensure structural integrity
  • inspection and flushing of underfloor pipework and removal of sediment causing blockages
  • replacement of nozzles
  • installation of new gravel, sand and coal media (to be procured by YVW)
  • air scour pattern testing and washing of new media
  • recommissioning of the filter cells and handover to YVW operators
  • review of filter cell operation and submission of recommendations

Value: $160K