Yarra Valley Water required a new Brushy Creek STP Class B Chemical Dosing Facility.

The chemicals dosed at this facility are aluminium sulphate (alum) and sodium hydroxide (caustic). The upgrade included

– Construction of new chemical dosing facility (CDF) complete with
– Chemical storage bunds
– Chemical delivery area
– CDF enclosure
– Chemical storage tanks
– Dosing equipment
– Safety showers and eye wash stations
– Installation of new dose lines and dose points including above ground pipe support structure and cable ladders.

The dose points included:
– Alum downstream of the primary screens
– Alum upstream of the tertiary filters
– Caustic at the inlet of each of the Extended Aeration (EA) Tanks (6 off)
– Caustic downstream of the tertiary filters
– Installation of new drinking water offtake and piping to connect into existing drinking water pipelines around the treatment plant site.

Value $2.9M