The Crookwell WTP is a 4 MLD plant designed and constructed to cope with moderate turbidity and colour and algae contaminated water drawn from Crookwell Dam, which is fed from Kentgrove Creek. Bore Water also supplements this supply, meaning iron and manganese also posed challenges. 2-22 NTU; 0-47 TC HU were expected.

This WTP is a DAFF system comprised of:

  • A potassium permanganate reaction tank which is also be used as a Balance Tank located at the new WTP site to receive raw water from the dam and/or the bores
  • A PAC Dosing System upstream of lime, CO2 and KMnO4
  • Lime and carbon dioxide dosing systems
  • Coagulant feeding system
  • An inline static mixer to mix the lime and the coagulant prior to the flocculation tank
  • A flocculation tank to form good flocs size
  • Dual DAFF trains ( 2 x 2MLD) to remove flocs
  • Alkali post dosage if necessary
  • Fluoridation and chlorination chemical dosing systems.
  • A Clearwater Balance Tank and Clearwater pump station to transfer the treated water from the new WTP to the town using the existing clear water distribution and storage system
  • A filter backwash pipeline from the clear water rising main to the new filters. Filter backwash water and service water are drawn from the clear water rising main
  • A wastewater discharge pipeline from new water treatment plant to the existing sludge lagoons.

The ELEC/PLC/SCADA work was subcontracted by LCWater to a team with whom we have worked for many years, and whose work was project managed by LCWater throughout. LC Water also fully commissioned the plant developing all  management plans, functional descriptions and ITPs in-house.

Value: $5.3M