This innovative project was conceived to overcome the challenge of the impacts of algal toxins and taste and odour at a number of water treatment plants where the raw water may become impacted only seasonally. As the installation of on-site PAC dosing systems at each of plant of concern would have been expensive, not to mention not required at all throughout most of the year, it was thought that a MOBILE PAC Plant that could be transported to a troubled plant and used only during times of need would solve the problem.

The project delivered the following features:

  • Design and fabrication of PAC preparation and dosing system with all necessary equipment mounted on a roadworthy trailer
  • Venturi type loading system (to suck dry PAC powder out of 15-20 kg bags) with high-pressure service water connection, to wet PAC on transfer to a batching tank
  • Batching tank fitted with motorised mixer
  • Peristaltic (hose) PAC dosing pumps (2 no.) and associated pipework including flushing points
  • Service water and hose connections to the Water Treatment Plant service water connection point for batching, flushing, and dosing carrier water, with service water booster pump on the trailer for the operation of the venturi unloading system
  • Flushing system designed to dose into a nominated range of flows to ensure the system can be moved between 10 identified sites
  • Weatherproof electrical panel with HMI touch screen
  • Provision for both Flow Paced and Manual dosing control
  • 4G modem to communicate with the client’s central SCADA system
  • Basic operational signals provided by the WTP via a standardised socket connection
  • Each site fitted with identical connections for service water, control signals and power to permit simple connection from trailer to WTP’s connection points.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of the completed mobile PAC dosing system at the Contractor’s workshop
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning
  • 5-day duration Proof of Performance Testing
  • Training of operational staff in the operation and maintenance of the mobile PAC dosing trailer

Value: $258K