LC Water won the Terang WTP Fluoride Dosing Plant project with Wannon Water in December 2022 to deliver a Sodium Fluoride powder storage, saturation and dosage system. The project required the delivery of the following scope.

  • A Sodium fluoride storage and dosing equipment using a saturator system, including a saturator tank, stock tank, day tank, transfer pumps, duty/standby dosing pumps, water softener and all associated pipework and fittings.
  • A Sodium Fluoride dosing control system complete with all electrical systems including control panel, PLC and HMI hardware, instrumentation, power supplies.
  • A fluoride building Colourbond steel, with separate bunded and storage areas.
  • 2 No. dosing lines providing duty/standby capacity, in a common buried sleeved pipe, delivering sodium fluoride solution to the dosing point, plus leak detection.
  • Replacement of the above ground section of the existing DN200 treated water discharge.
  • 2 No. Fluoride analysers; Sample pipework for the fluoride analysers
  • A new service water system, including an offtake on the treated water discharge, duty/standby pumps, and all necessary pipework, power supply and controls to the fluoride building; New safety shower/eyewash and a hose down point.

Value: $764K